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Enlightenment Buddha Wood Statue

This Statue Of The Buddha Depicts The Story Of How The Buddha, After Six Years, Finally Was At The Verge Of Enlightenment. Unfortunately, Mara The Demon Of Illusion, Tried To Dissuade The Buddha From The Final Steps. The Buddha Meditated All Night To Overcome The Fears And Temptations Sent By Mara, And Then Called The Earth Goddess To Witness That The Buddha Achieved Englightenment In Order To Share With The Rest Of The World. Witnessing That, The Earth Goddess Wrung Her Hair, Releasing Flood Waters That Swept Away The Demon Mara And All The Temptresses He Had Released. This Particular Enlightenment Buddha Statue Is Hand Carved From Bali.

$1390.00 (hide price)

  • Dimensions: 28"W x 20"D x 40"H
  • Product ID: BX-SV1508130-O
  • Availability: Available - allow 6-8 weeks for delivery